You are considering to expand your mail order business into the French or the German market ?
You are looking for a experienced partner which are able to advise you regarding marketing, sales and logistics in those markets ?
May you need for your marekt entry in Germany or France a service company which provides the fulfillment of the order process including the client services, payment issues and debt control?
As a producer of consumer products with a well known brand you may consider how you could build a distribution channel to the final consumers, but you have no experience with direct sales ?

You need a webshop system which is directly linked into a professional ERP and CRM system. A system which supports all relevant issues of a mail order organisation ?
In case that you answered one of the above mentioned questions with « YES » it’s might be worth wile to contact us.
Our knowledge and experience we have build over 25 years is able to help you to instal a cost-effective and successful operation, too.
Besides our long term background of those markets you can benefit from our professional IT system or we can implement your own system, if required.